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Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC

The National Academy of Sciences initiated a program in the early 1970s to explore relationships among the arts and sciences. You might ask, “Why does a science institution have an arts program?” There have, in fact, been profound connections between the two fields for centuries. From the Egyptian pyramids to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man to the latest medical imaging technologies, history proves that the two disciplines cannot thrive without each other.

Today, the nexus of art and science is an ever burgeoning field and the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) presents world-class examples of the work being created at this important intersection. Over the past 40 years, CPNAS has offered outstanding exhibitions, performances, lectures, film series, and online symposia that explore the intersections of art, science, and culture.

Photos shown:
(art)n, Pet Study 2 (Lung Cancer): Man Ray/Picabia Imitating Balzac, 2003, PHS Cologram composed of Duratrans, Kodalith film, and Plexiglas

Mia Brownell, Still Life with Villin Headpiece II, 2007, oil on canvas

Your donations help:
In addition to supporting a wide range of free public programming, your shopping donation will help us in the restoration of the National Academy of Sciences building. CPNAS’ 1924 neoclassical home on the National Mall - is currently undergoing a major restoration. The project will reconfigure and expand the building’s art galleries, restore its historic spaces, increase accessibility, and bring its aging infrastructure and facilities into the 21st century. With continued assistance from supporters like you, CPNAS will move back into its newly restored landmark building in 2012 with a rich line-up of exhibitions, concerts, and other special programs.

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