American Swedish Historical Museum
Philadelphia,  PA
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Biblical Resource Center & Museum
Collierville, TN

Get a glimpse of ancient life through the Museum's artifacts including lamps, pottery and other objects of ancient origin.

The reference library includes Bible commentaries, concordances, dictionaries and encyclopedias, histories, and geographies of the Biblical world. A replica of the important Leningrad Codex, of the Hebrew Bible is located in the library. Periodicals available include Biblical Archaeological Review, Bible & the Spade, and Christian History Magazine. Videos and audio tapes are available for members to check out. A limited number of books is also available for member check out.

Educational tours and presentations are available for groups of 15 or more. A visit will include a tour of the museum gallery, library, Bible Lab and Video or Slide Presentation. Special topics will be available on request to customize your tour. Length of tour is approximately one hour and can be adapted to your schedule. Admission charge for group tours is: $3.00 ea. Advance reservations are required for groups.

Call the museum at 901-854-9578 to schedule your visit.

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